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În atenţia studenţilor anului IV şi masteranzilor Facultăţii de Drept USM
17.11.2017      1187   
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The College of Europe is a unique university institute of European studies, located in two campuses: Bruges (Belgium) and Natolin (Warsaw, Poland). It offers postgraduate education in an international environment, resulting in a truly linguistic and cultural diversity. Ever since its foundation, the College of Europe has had the mission to make well selected postgraduate students understand the political, legal, economic and international core issues, challenges and potentials of the European integration process.

The College fulfils this mission by constantly adapting its programmes and the composition of its teaching faculty to European developments, by challenging its students' minds with the different perspectives of senior academics and practitioners from over twenty different countries and numerous professional backgrounds, and by providing them with a very special - and intense - experience of living and working together in a European social and cultural context.

The College is a private university/institution and can rely on an extensive network of contacts in European institutions, national administrations, international organisations, European universities and professional circles. Alumni of the College of Europe occupy positions of responsibility in Europe and across the world. Many come back to the College to share their experiences with the students.   

Although the College has no scholarships of its own, more than 70% of all College students benefit from whole or partial scholarships, these being granted by governments or private institutions. For more information, please visit our website:

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Dreptul este un legamânt trainic de pace între oameni. Ceea ce este juridic este si pacific, chiar daca moralmente e evident injust. Francesco Orestano

Nu-ți depăși niciodată drepturile, și ele vor deveni curând nelimitate. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Justiția e ca aritmetica, unde, dacă lipsește verificarea, nu se poate afirma că a fost exact calculul. Giuseppe Rovani

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