About the English Department

Why an English Department at the Faculty of Law? In a society where globalization is in a continuous evolution it is needed more and more to communicate with people all over the world. English language is a lingua franca, this is why we need persons who speak English fluently and know how to use it in their work environment.

Mission of the English Department: Moldova State University offers to its law students the possibility to learn in an English speaking group at the English Department of the Faculty of Law.

Enrolment: At the beginning of each academic year, students enrolled in the 1st and 2nd year of their studies at the Faculty of Law, and having the necessary language skills, can choose to study in English. The admission is done by means of filling in an application form. At the lecture format classes students are taught in Romanian the same subject-matters given to everyone; conversely, the seminars are conducted in English, thus allowing the students of the English Department to manage the law topics in 2 languages, which is obviously an advantage. The positive aspect of studying at the English Department is the fact that students can both improve their English and become familiar with the legal vocabulary. If a good lawyer is supposed to know the law of his country, an outstanding lawyer would be additionally familiar with the law applied in other jurisdictions. The English Department aims to offer to its students knowledge not only on the legal system of the Republic of Moldova but also on the common law systems. In order for the legal system of our country to be improved, Moldova State University encourages its students to study law in a comparative perspective. By knowing how other developed nations deal with their legal issues, one would be quicker to find solutions to the legal problems Moldova faces. In addition, studying in English gives the opportunity to access a wide variety of sources, allowing our students to gain knowledge on foreign legal authorities. The students of the English Department are also involved in many extracurricular activities.

Following their studies done abroad, the professors teaching at the English Department speak English fluently.

Contact person: Ms. Aliona Cara-Rusnac, Ph.D., Superior Lecturer, Head of the English Department, email:, office 23, building 2 B. 

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