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Drumea Iulia
Master of Laws, University lecturer

CONTACT DETAILS 2/1, Iablocikin str., office nr. 501 Chişinău
Tel: + 373 22 59 38 56
E-mail: drumeaiulia@mail.ru


Labour law

International labour law


Labour law

Social protection law


Master of Laws, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the RM, 2013

Master of Laws, Moldova State University, 2012

Bachelor of  Laws, Moldova State University, 2010

Master of  (English) Philology, "Ion Creanga" State Pedagogical University, 2003

Bachelor of (English) Philology, Moldova State University, 2002


Project Coordinator, The National Confederation of Employers of the Republic of Moldova, 2011- present

University lecturer, Moldova State University, 2010 - present

University lecturer, "Ion Creanga" State Pedagogical University, 2002 - present


Social Partnership in the Labour Field (in Romanian), Chişinău: Sofart Studio, 2012. - 30p. (co-author: Eduard Boişteanu)

Role of Employers' Organisations in the Republic of Moldova (in Romanian),  Chişinău: Sofart Studio, 2013.- 34p. (co-author: Eduard Boişteanu)

Legal Ways to Ensure Labour Discipline (in Romanian), Chişinău: Sofart Studio, 2013.- 42p. (co-author: Dorin Josanu)

Resolution of Individual Labour Disputes and Collective Conflicts (in Romanian) Chişinău: Sofart Studio, 2013. - 44 p. (co-author: Dorin Josanu)


English - fluent

French - basic

Russian- basic

Faculty Members
Drumea Iulia
Master of Laws, University lecturer
Macovei Tatiana
Master in Law, University lecturer
Păscăluţă Felicia
Master in Law, Lecturer
Pleşca Victoria
Master in Law, Lecturer
Romandaş Nicolai
Ph.D., profesor universitar
Untila Natalia
Master in Law, Lecturer
Zamfir Pavel
Doctor of Phd, Associate Professor



Dreptul este un legamânt trainic de pace între oameni. Ceea ce este juridic este si pacific, chiar daca moralmente e evident injust. Francesco Orestano

Never exceed your rights, and they will soon become unlimited. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Justiția e ca aritmetica, unde, dacă lipsește verificarea, nu se poate afirma că a fost exact calculul. Giuseppe Rovani

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