Rotaru Vasile
Doctor in Law, Associate Professor



Criminal Procedure

Juvenile Justice

Restorative Justice

Sociology of Law


Criminal Procedure

Juvenile Justice

Restorative Justice


Doctor of Sciences in Law, Moldova State University, 2004 

Doctoral thesis "Plea bargaining as a special form of penal procedure"

Diploma of license in Jurisprudence/Law, Moldova State University, 1998


Visiting scholar within a Faculty development program at the John Marshal Law School, Law School (USA). January - May 2012; January - May 2013

Visiting scholar within a one year junior faculty development program at the University of Wisconsin, Law School (USA) August 2000- July 2001


Professor, Moldova State University, 1998-present


I. Textbooks

Drept procesual penal. (in Romanian)  Manual ed 3 revizuita Chişinău Cartea juridică

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II. Monographs

Plea Bargaining (in Romanian) - Studiu, CEP USM, Chişinău 2004 192 p.

III. Articles

 The plea bargaining concept (in Romanian) // Revista Naţională de Drept. - Nr.1 2003, p. 26-28 0,25 c.a.

Some considerations on the application of the plea bargaining (in Romanian) // Revista Naţională de Drept. - Nr.7 2003, p.39-43 0,4 c.a.

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Procedural form as a basis for changing the procedural law (in Romanian) // Analele ştiinţifice ale USM, Facultatea de Drept. Nr.6 - Chişinău, 2002, p.309-316  

 VI. Legal commentaries 

Comentary to Criminal Procedure Code, (in Romanian) Chişinău Cartier Juridic, 2005, (Grup de autori), 768 p. (în colab.)

VII. Other publications

 Society and Criminal Justice: a guide for journalists and NGOs, (in Romanian) Chişinău: Cartier, 2012. 136 p.

Child rights' in criminal trials. Monitoring report, (in Romanian)  Cartea Juridică. Chișinău 2012, 62 p.  (în colab.)

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Guide on defense lawyer activity in cases involving children in conflict with the law, (in Romanian) Chişinău 2010 - 140 p. (în colab.)

European Court judgments against Moldova. Analytical report, (in Romanian) Publicat de misiunea OSCE Chișinău 2009, 96 p. (în colab.)

Arrest and body search. A guide for citizens. (in Romanian) Chişinău Fundaţia Soros 2009

What to do if in conflict with criminal law? (in Romanian)  Ghid practic, (ed. a 4-a), 2008 - 64 p.(format mic).

Juvenile Justice: A guide for investigators, prosecutors, and judges (in Romanian) - Ch. : Elena V.I., 2006 . - 32 p. (Chris Styles-Power)

School peer mediation guide, (in Romanian) SIEDO, Chișinau 2006, 131 p. 5,5 c.a.

Judiciary system in Moldova: Needs assessment report, (in Romanian) 2006 (în colab.)

Respecting children's rights in detention. Monitoring report, (in Romanian) Raport de monitorizare. IRP-UNICEF, Chişinău 2005.  60 p. (în colab.)

Juvenile Justice in Republic of Moldova: needs assessment report, (in Romanian) 2003, 64 p. (în colab.)


Moldovan Bar Association, 2008- present


Romanian - fluent

Enlsih - fluent

Russian - fluent

French - average


2007 - Chisinau municipal prize for young people active in the fields of art, literature, techniques and sciences.

Faculty Members
Croitor Elena
Doctor of Phd, Lecturer
Purici Svetlana
Master in Law, University lecturer
Roman Dumitru
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Rotaru Vasile
Doctor in Law, Associate Professor
Ursu Sergiu
Master of Laws, Superior Lecturer



Dreptul este un legamânt trainic de pace între oameni. Ceea ce este juridic este si pacific, chiar daca moralmente e evident injust. Francesco Orestano

Never exceed your rights, and they will soon become unlimited. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Justiția e ca aritmetica, unde, dacă lipsește verificarea, nu se poate afirma că a fost exact calculul. Giuseppe Rovani

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