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Macovei Gheorghe
Master in Law, University Lecturer

CONTACT DETAILS 65 M. Kogălniceanu Street, Buildong No. 2B, office 17, MD-2009, Chişinău, Republic of Moldova
Tel: + 373 22 59 38 06; +373 22 33 39 62
E-mail: gmacovei@macovei-partners.com


Civil Procedural Law - general specialization;

Civil Procedural Law - insolvency proceedings;



Civil Procedural Law (The general and special part)

Insolvency proceedings

Form of civil rights defense

Trial specifics on economic dispute



Master in Law, Moldovan State University, 2007

Law Degree, Moldovan State University, 2006



University Lecturer, Moldovan State University, 2006 - present

Attorney, BAA M. Macovei & Partenerii, 2006 - present



I. Manuals

Judge book for civil trials, Second edition, (in Romanian) Chisinau: Central Printing House, 2013. - 1200 p. (in collab.)

Civil Procedural Law, The special part, (in Romanian) Chisinau: Central Printing House, 2009. - 440 p. (in collab.)

Intelectual property protection. Antitrust law. Insolvency proceedings, (in Romanian) Chisinau: Elan Poligraf, 2009. - 288 p. (in collab.)


II. Scientific conferences

The proceedings applicable to insolvent persons. Evolution and trends. // Materials of scient. conf. with intern. particip. „Private law as a factor of economic development: tradition, actuality perspectives", Chisinau: CEP USM, 2013

Procedural status of creditors in insolvency proceedings. // Materials of scient. conf. with intern. particip. „Academy interferences - integration through research and innovation", Chisinau: CEP USM, 2012, p. 170 - 173



Moldovan Bar, 2007 - present



English - fluent

Russian - fluent

Faculty Members
Department of Procedural Law
Belei Elena
PhD in Law, Associate Professor
Chifa Felicia
Master of Laws, Superior Lecturer
Croitor Elena
Doctor of Phd, Lecturer
Gribincea Vladislav
LLM, Senior lecturer
Gurghiş Ana
Magistru în drept, lector universitar
Jimbei Ina
magistru în drept, lector universitar
Macovei Gheorghe
Master in Law, University Lecturer
Purici Svetlana
Master in Law, University lecturer
Roman Dumitru
Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor



Dreptul este un legamânt trainic de pace între oameni. Ceea ce este juridic este si pacific, chiar daca moralmente e evident injust. Francesco Orestano

Never exceed your rights, and they will soon become unlimited. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Justiția e ca aritmetica, unde, dacă lipsește verificarea, nu se poate afirma că a fost exact calculul. Giuseppe Rovani

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