The second cluster of the training of trainers continued during May 18-19, in the context of the implementation of the “Promoting Human and Children’s Rights Education at the State University of Moldova – January 2023-July 2024” Project. The project is being carried out following the conclusion, in February 2023, of the Memorandum between Global Campus of Human Rights, Global Campus Caucasus and the State University of Moldova.

Representatives and delegates from OHCHR, UNICEF, CoE in Moldova participated as trainers and facilitators, the training being attended by eight MSU lecturers.

Thus, Ms. Bea FERENCI, International Adviser on Human Rights/Head of OHCHR Moldova, had a unique, reconceptualized presentation on human rights, from a historical-evolutionary perspective.

Ms Tatiana CERNOMORIT and Mr. Dumitru ROMAN, National Human Rights Officers within OHCHR, explained the importance of international and national human rights protection mechanisms and emphasized the substantial role of the civil society in the implementation of these mechanisms.

Mr. Mariana IANACHEVICI, child protection expert, executive director of the public association “Ave Copiii”, raised awareness about abuse and violence against children, argued the importance of various elements of protection for children victims of violence and emphasized that “children will NEVER be isolated by parents only because of their poverty”.

Ms Angelica RUSSU, Senior Project Officer at the Council of Europe Office in Chisinau, addressed the topic on the prevention and protection of children against violence, including in the digital environment in the Republic of Moldova and highlighted the multiple risks that children face in the online and offline environment and the measures that must be taken in a coordinated manner, by multiple actors and decision-makers.

The lead-trainers and the teachers launched discussions on the topics addressed, through the lens of normative-legal regulations and international and national recommendations, but also through the lens of practical experience and the challenges faced by the society of the Republic of Moldova in terms of human rights and children’s rights. In this way, the capacity of the academic environment to respond to the demands and expectations of the contemporary community in the field of the protection of human rights and children’s rights will be strengthened, through collaboration with national and international authorities and institutions and with the civil society.

The activities have been coordinated by Prof. Rodica CIOBANU, head of the Public Law Department, Faculty of Law, MSU, Adriano REMIDDI, head of Capacity Development Unit, Global Campus of Human Rights and Natalia CRECIUN, PHD.

The training was also supported by the Scientific Laboratory “Comparative Public Law and E-Governance”, as part of the activities carried out within the Project “Modernization of governance mechanisms focused on the protection of human rights”.


Published Monday May 22nd, 2023



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