On September 22, 2023, at the Faculty of Law, State University of Moldova, a workshop on the Foundations of European Union Law in the field of competition was held, organized by the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence in Competition Law of the University of Croatia, in collaboration with the University of the State of Moldova and in partnership with the Henri Capitant Association of Legal Culture.

Prof. Plotnic Olesea, member of the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence in Competition Law of the University of Croatia emphasized that the purpose of the event was to bring together competition law experts, lawyers, mediators civil servants, judges and academics in an effort to explore topics crucial issues related to the implementation of competition legislation, both in the European Union and in Moldova.

Vice-rector Aurelia Hanganu welcomed the initiative of the organizers and expressed confidence that the participants will have the opportunity to share their expertise and ideas to contribute to the harmonization of the laws of the Republic of Moldova with those of the European Union in the field of competition and to improve the efficiency of their application in Moldova.

The dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Brînza Sergiu, mentioned the importance of such projects and the need to focus specialists in the field of competition together with the students of the Faculty of Law, paying special attention to the judicial review of decisions related to competition and the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Union .

The Coordinator of the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence in Croatia, Prof. Akšamović Dubravka mentioned that competition law is asserting itself as an essential pillar and a driving force in the process of integration into the European Union. It is both a vital tool that fuels innovation and stimulates long-term economic growth. An adequate harmonization of the application of competition rules represents one of the significant benefits for the countries in the process of joining the EU.

At the round table, the speakers were eminent specialists in the field of competition law, including academics, practitioners and judges from Croatia, Italy, Albania and Moldova.

The delegation representing the University of Croatia held discussions with the vice-rector Aurelia Hanganu and the dean of the Faculty of Law, Brînza Sergiu, regarding the potential opportunities for collaboration between the two higher education institutions. These conversations included discussions about the prospects of signing a strategic partnership agreement for the future.

Published Monday September 25th, 2023



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